Season 2 is BACK!

In episode 1, TAB is joined by Adam Kirby from JPES Partners talking about a property tool Evaluate l Locate. Adam discusses with Sam Morris lending associate and Katrina Hindley, head of marketing from TAB how the tool can be useful for property investors, property developers and lenders. He also gives TAB examples of how the location of properties impacts value and tells us that the tool can analyse data to determine which areas of the UK have been most resilient after the pandemic. 

Question 1 - what is Evaluate l Locate?
Question 2 - what is locational analysis?
Question 3 - how does location affect property value?
Question 4 - what other factors can impact property value?
Question 5 - which parts of the country have been most resilient?

TAB is back with season 1, episode 9: Leisure and hospitality of the TAB University property, lending and investing podcast.

Find out more about what we do:

We're joined by lawyer, property investor and entrepreneur, Ben Avigdori, who talks to Katrina and Kobi from TAB on this week's podcast on what is the leisure and hospitality industry, what is competitive socialising and why does the industry appeal to investors.

  1. What is the leisure and hospitality industry?
  2. How do pubs make money?
  3. What are the key things to consider when setting up and running a pub?
  4. How does the leisure and hospitality industry appeal to property investors?
  5. What had the biggest impact on the leisure and hospitality industry, Brexit or Covid?

TAB University Podcast l Property, Lending and Investing - Season 1, Episode 5: Demolition is available for streaming now. Katrina is joined by Eli Korman from TAB and special guest Will Sarhargian from First Demolition Services

This week they're discussing the top five questions you've been asking about demolition. TAB U will cover in this week's podcast the following questions:

1 - what does demolition mean?
2 - what are the steps to demolishing a building?
3 - how long does a demolition take?
4 - what is strip out in construction?
5 - how does interior strip out work?

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