A day in the life of… Mathura Paramjorthy, Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel

For the next day in the life series, we take a look at the daily work routine and schedule of TAB’s Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel, Mathura Paramjorthy.

Mathura starts her day early in the morning around 6am. The first thing on her list is getting her three kids up out the door to school. Once they’re all sorted her focus then moves on TAB. 

She heads into the office, checks her emails, goes through her schedule and makes a plan for the day highlighting any urgent tasks that need her attention. Afterwards her day consists of meetings, responding to emails and actioning tasks across all of her functions from loan management, HR, to legals and operations. 

Once her working day is complete it doesn’t stop there. She’s home and sitting down for dinner with her husband of 20 years and their daughters. She is then making sure
sure her children complete their homework and then spends time revising with her eldest - usually Mandarin! She’s off to bed before midnight hoping to recharge before the next day. 

How long have you worked at TAB?

I have worked at TAB for over two years. When I joined, there were only five of us in the business, now we’re at 20 and hiring for four more roles! Before TAB, I was a partner at a solicitors practice and had been a property and real estate solicitor for over 16 years. 

What does your role at TAB involve?

My role involves a lot of moving parts and is spread across the various departments including, operations, investor relations, legals, HR and loan management. I also generally assist where needed. I work with most of the wider team on a daily basis and closely with the CSO, CIO and head of compliance.

Part of my role is also to review our processes to find the most innovative and efficient ways to work.

What’s the best thing about working at TAB?

The team. Each person has a voice and collective collaboration means that we can produce fantastic results time and time again. Also the flexibility TAB provides. Being a full time working mum of three demanding girls is tricky but with the support of TAB I am able to fulfil both elements. 

How do you relax outside the office?

Reading, drinking wine and trying to get my fitness back to an acceptable level!

What does the future hold for TAB?

Watch this space as anything is possible … The TAB platform that we are building from scratch in house is going to change the lending arena. With just three clicks you can invest!

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