Key Values

TAB's key values are what we believe to be right and what we live by, these build up our core identity.


TAB is trustworthy as an investment house and as a lender. We are reliable and we look after our customers’ money. We are consistent with what we say and do. We are educational which shows we have a knowledgeable and intelligent team.  


TAB is transparent. We have open and honest communication with all parties, both externally (including borrowers, brokers, investors and lawyers) and internally (employees and colleagues).  


TAB offers a personalised service. We go the extra mile to provide a best in class service to our customers. We communicate to customers with a personal touch. We understand who our customers are and we ensure our products and information resources are relevant.  


TAB is efficient with its offering. We can turn around deals quickly as we know what works and what our customers want. We stick to our timelines and stay ahead of our competitors. Our speed and efficiency do not mean we lose sight of the finer details. 


TAB is innovative. We have innovative ideas and opinions which keeps us relevant to the market. We add value to our customers on both the lending and investing sides of the business. Our experience coupled with our innovative approach allows us to consider all types of projects. Our proprietary technology that powers our investment platform allows for unique investment opportunities to come to fruition with a market leading user experience for investors, borrowers and brokers alike. We are innovative in the way we use our technology and resources. We are a small team but we accomplish large tasks.

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