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TAB was founded in early 2018 when we found that some of the most exciting property projects didn’t fit well within the constraints of traditional lenders’ more rigid and often computer-generated funding criteria. We saw a need for a lender that understood the requirements of bridging loans and had the experience to transact swiftly while taking a prudent approach to risk. As a result, we designed our lending model to have the flexibility to consider the wider spectrum of a borrower’s circumstances. Through varied funding sources from institutions to individuals, we can finance a diverse range of projects.

TAB Market enables new and existing investors to access a range of products at varying interest rates. Our products provide investors an opportunity to invest in UK property and benefit even if they don’t have the usual means or know how. Our products include TAB Lending and TAB Property. As we continue to evolve and introduce alternative investment opportunities, we will continue to give investors a solid rate of return. 


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Keep up to date on what we're saying by following our channels and checking out our information hub, TAB News. Customers will find discussions on key features of the market, topical news, and useful information pieces to help you with your TAB investment journey. 


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Meet the team

TAB’s foundations are built on our key values, trust and transparency, while giving customers a personalised and efficient experience. The decades of property market experience, in-house legal team, quality underwriters and high-level salespeople who make up the TAB team have allowed us write almost £50m of loans within the space of two years. 

Working out of our North London offices, our small but agile team cultivates a collaborative environment where we can learn from each other to ensure we’re constantly improving and evolving our service. As our team grows, we shall continue to improve, share knowledge, and commit to remaining efficient and providing the best service possible.

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TAB knows the value of keeping things simple and transparent for everyone. You can learn more about the team here.

Meet the team 

Watch our video Its about time we used technology to change the way we buy and sell property for the better. Watch our video to find out more.

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