The Property Funder Podcast Episode 39 | Duncan Kreeger

In this episode of the Property Funder Podcast, host Michael Dean sits down with Duncan Kreeger, CEO of TAB, to discuss Duncan's journey in the property finance industry. Duncan shares his background, starting with his early entrepreneurial endeavors, leading to the founding of West One Loans, and eventually his departure to establish TAB with a focus on fractional real estate investment.

He talks about the challenges and lessons learned along the way, his vision for TAB's technology-driven future, and his openness to business acquisitions for growth. Duncan's advice to his younger self and other aspiring entrepreneurs is to embrace risk and act decisively.

Highlights include:

Entrepreneurial Journey: Duncan reflects on his entrepreneurial spirit, learning from mistakes, and the importance of being one's own boss. He shares anecdotes from his youth, his natural inclination towards entrepreneurship, and the evolution of his mindset.TAB's Inception: He narrates the journey from founding West One Loans, learning from industry experts, to eventually selling his stake and facing the challenges of being an employee rather than an entrepreneur. He emphasizes the importance of freedom and the decision to start TAB with the mission of offering fractional ownership in real estate investments.

TAB's Mission and Vision: Duncan explains TAB's aim to simplify property investment, allowing individuals to invest in properties without the complexities associated with traditional methods. He expresses his dedication to creating a legacy and changing how people invest in real estate.Technology and Innovation: Duncan discusses how TAB leverages technology, such as AI, to improve efficiency and decision-making within the business. He highlights the proprietary tech built for TAB and its potential in transforming the property investment landscape.Acquisition and Growth: Duncan expresses his openness to acquiring other businesses to grow TAB further and shares his vision for expanding TAB's services.

Advice to Younger Self: Duncan would advise his younger self to be even more fearless, to embrace the disruptive nature, and to always follow his personal mantra.

You can also watch and listen to the podcast episode here:

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