Fractional property ownership

Fractional property ownership and earn up to 8.85% per annum. 

Capital at risk. Investment values can go down as well as up and returns may vary. Understand more about the risks here

How it works: TAB Property

TAB Property is a fractional ownership property investment. It enables individuals the opportunity to invest in the UK property market.

1. Properties are identified

TAB identifies attractive property investments with long term sustainable income. A special purpose vehicle (SPV) set up by TAB will buy the property and hold it on trust for investors proportionately to the amount invested. 

2.The property is listed on TAB Market

Once terms are agreed, or in some cases, after the SPV has bought the property, TAB lists the property on the TAB Market. Each property has its own TAB Property card which provides highlights of each investment. Full details of the investments are available on the investment details page which is accessible once you have registered for a TAB account.  

3. Investors commit funds to invest

Investors view opportunities on the TAB Market and can invest from £1,000. Email confirmation is sent to investors on the commitment of funds.

4.Transfer of funds

Once the property has been fully funded, investors will be emailed to send funds within 24 hours. TAB will confirm receipt of funds.

5. SPV holds the property on trust

The SPV is the legal owner of the property, holding on trust for the investors, who are the beneficiaries. 

6. Return for investors

TAB AM is appointed to act as the property manager. Monthly statements detailing the property income are circulated to investors. Anticipated rental income forms part of an annual calculation provided to investors which stipulates the fixed income return for the year. Each year there is a reconciliation. 

7. Resale market

If at the end of the term (typically 3 years) investors wish to exit, and a willing buyer cannot be found for their interest, then the property will be listed for sale on the open market.


TAB Market

The TAB Market is where you can find TAB investment opportunities. If you want to stayed tuned and get alerts of when loans and properties are available you can signed up for to our mailing list

We have decades of lending experience and our technology solutions allow us to execute deals quickly and efficiently. This means we have an ample stream of investment opportunities for our investors.

Property Purchased
TP0001 - Middlesex (1201 - Percival Road)
Investor return:
est 11.40% (pa)

Capital is at risk. Interest and income payments are not guaranteed. TAB Property returns can go down as well as up. Past performance and forecasts are not reliable indicators of future results and should not be relied on. Before investing read key risks here

Invest in 5 easy steps


Sign up with your name, email address and phone number.


Pass our short investment quiz 'Understanding TAB'. It is important you understand the risks that are involved when investing with TAB.


For Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) purposes, we require more information about you. At this step, you need to confirm the type of account you would like to open.


Choose from one of our investment opportunities on the TAB Market and invest from £1,000.


Once your commitment to invest has been confirmed, send your funds to TAB and receive investment confirmation and start earning a return.

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TAB Property is a fractional property investment. It enables investors to access the benefits of the UK property market without breaking the bank. 

TAB’s foundations are built on our key values: trust, transparency and innovation, while giving customers a personalised experience. The decades of property market experience, our in-house legal team, our quality underwriters and the high-level salespeople who make up the TAB team have allowed us to grow our loan book to almost £50m within the space of three years. Working out of our North London offices, our small but agile team cultivates a collaborative environment where we can learn from each other to ensure we are constantly improving and evolving our service. 

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Frequently asked questions

TAB Market can be found here. It is where you can invest in TAB Lending and TAB Property investment opportunities. Upon logging in, the TAB Market is also where you can access investment detail

You will be able to see available investment opportunities on the TAB Market. TAB will also distribute term sheets with details of TAB Lending opportunities to investors who have indicated that they would like to receive marketing email communications. You can manage your subscriptions to our communications here.

TAB does not currently offer a secondary market or other facility which allows you to transfer or exit your investment early. Once you invest, you are committed for the full period. TAB will be launching a secondary market TAB Exchange in the future. However, no date has been set and you should not rely on it being available to you during the period of any investments you make today.

Each property has its own TAB Property card which provides highlights of each investment on the TAB Market. Full details of the investments are available on the investment details page which is accessible once you have registered for a TAB account.

For more information you can view our full list of frequently asked questions here.

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