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TAB’s efficient and flexible service means you can access the short term capital you need to refurbish your properties.

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TAB. Trust. Transparency.

1. Efficient and flexible service
2. Terms from one to 18 months
3. Day one LTV up to 70%
4. LTGDV up to 65%
5. No exit fees
6. Over 25 years of lending experience

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Refurbishment bridging loans

If you have a property that needs refurbishment but do not have the capital to progress, then TAB Refurbishment might be for you. TAB Refurbishment is an advanced bridging finance solution that allows borrowers to access the capital they need for their refurbishment projects quickly and without the cost of a full development loan.

TAB Refurbishment has grown from the demand we have seen for this type of product and has been designed with our clients in mind. TAB lends directly to borrowers or through the introduction of intermediaries and for refurbishment projects with a day one LTV of up to 70% and an LTGDV of up to 65%. TAB Refurbishment loans start from £100,000 and go up to £1m for a maximum of 18 months. There are no exit fees and we do not lend against your principal residence. Our experience means we can be flexible and consider projects that more traditional lenders would not. TAB prides itself on trust and transparency.

TAB loans are unregulated and are secured against UK property and each loan will be assessed on its own individual merits. Any property used as security is at risk of repossession if you do not keep up with your payments.

Refurbishment loan product details:

Interest rate:
From 0.65% pm
Minimum loan:
Maximum facility:
Maximum drawdown:
Day one LTV:
Up to 70%
up to 65%
Maximum 18 months
Exit fee:

Other charges may apply

How it works

Borrower applies

Following an initial inquiry, borrowers apply for a short-term loan through our application process. Borrowers can apply for light or heavy refurbishment loans.

Decision made
Our team undertakes their due diligence and underwriting process on the borrower and the security property. Terms are then agreed
Perfect match

The loan is then matched with funders on the TAB platform. Funds are typically available within just 14 days.

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Frequently asked questions

A refurbishment loan is a short term loan secured against UK property. It is an advanced bridging finance solution that provides borrowers access to the capital they need for their refurbishment projects quickly and without the cost of a full development loan. TAB Refurbishment can be taken out for both light refurbishment projects and heavy refurbishment projects.

Light refurbishment is where there are general decorations and aesthetic improvements made to a property. This could be work on floors, painting walls, fixing ceilings and any additional fixtures and fittings.

Heavy refurbishment is when there are more structural changes made to a property, this could be increasing floorspace by extensions. These major structural works usually costs more than 15% of the property value. Heavy refurbishment projects could need planning permission or involve certain building regulations.

As with any financial solution, there are particular fees that you have to pay which we refer to as the cost of borrowing. The following fees are what you might expect to pay when taking out a refurbishment loan. 

  • Arrangement fee: This is the lenders’ fee for arranging the loan. (TAB) charges usually 2% of each loan. However, each loan is assessed on its own individual merit. 
  • Valuation fee: This is the fee charged by a surveyor who will value the property before and after the refurbishments. 
  • Quantity surveyor fee: This is the fee charged by a surveyor who will value the proposed refurbishment works, and also monitor the project on behalf of the lender. The surveyor may charge for the initial report and also updated reports for each drawdown requested.
  • Broker fee: If you are a borrower and have used a broker to find a lender, you may be charged a fee.
  • Admin fee: This is the fee charged for the processing of the redemption of a loan set at £1,000. 
  • Exit fee: There are no exit fees charged should you wish to exit your loan early. 

For more information you can view our full list of frequently asked questions here.

Our team

TAB knows the value of keeping things simple and transparent for everyone. Whatever the size or scope of your plans, our expert team of underwriters, business development managers, and an in-house legal team are here to help with your requirements. Book a meeting with one of our team today.

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Head of Underwriting

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