Welcome to TAB HQ!

The place where we call home, located in the heart of Borehamwood, is spacious, has a modern design and we could not be more delighted! 

TAB is committed to making working for the business a place that supports, encourages its staff in such a way that each person operates at 100% capacity and efficiency while being happy, motivated, positive and all round healthy. In our latest office tour, you can see the layout and style and that the office embodies a sense of openness and transparency and has been designed to maximise collaboration across all departments and to improve staff wellbeing. A positive work atmosphere is imperative for productivity and we strongly believe that the place we’ve chosen and the design of the office will help us to maximise harmony and open communication amongst all staff at TAB.

We’ve also implemented a hot desk facility, offering a private room with all our amenities including access to the breakout room, breakfast, lunch and unlimited refreshments. Access to our hot desk is available for all our TAB brokers.

If you would like to come and see us, book the broker hot desk or have any other queries, please get in touch with TAB via email at or phone 0208 057 9070.

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