What is conveyancing and the differences between solicitors and conveyancers? - TAB U podcast

TAB U podcast host Katrina Hindley is joined by Nick Russell, sales director of TAB and Emma Hall from Movin' Legal.
Movin Legal are a conveyancing comparison engine: Using their comparison tool you can source the best conveyancing needs for clients. Their conveyancing comparison search engine consists of solicitors from around the UK who are able to provide their services at a fair and competitive price.
Emma joins us to discuss the five questions that are asked about conveyancing.
  • Question 1: What is conveyancing?
  • Question 2: What is the difference between solicitor and conveyancer?
  • Question 3: How much does conveyancing cost?
  • Question 4: How long does conveyancing take?
  • Question 5: How can I choose a conveyance?
Along with helping to answer the five questions, she also touches on what conveyancers look for, what is included when conveyancing, the searches that are undertaken and also the time it takes for a property.
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