Care homes: What are the steps required for the development of a care home? - #TABU Podcast

Katrina and Nick from TAB are back with season 1, episode 8: Care Homes of the TAB University property, lending and investing podcast.

On this week's podcast, we're joined by clients of TAB, Max and Alex from Stuart Clinton Property who talk to TAB on what it is like to develop care homes and assisted living.

1. What are the steps required for the development of a care home?
2. What is the difference between a care home and a nursing home?
3. How do you operate a care home?
4. What does a care home do?
5. Why are care homes needed?

Max Reyner, CEO and Alex Baker COO of Stuart Clinton Property believes that everyone should have the right to quality, safe and affordable housing. Inspired by their late fathers and fittingly named in their honour, Stuart Clinton Property ( has been committed to their mission across the Midlands and South East of England since 2017. As a company, everything they do is done with integrity and reflects their core values of Accountability, Honesty & Reliability.

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