#TABU Podcast - Season 1, Episode 7: Accounting is available for streaming now.

The TAB team is back with season 1, episode 7: Accounting of the TAB University property, lending and investing podcast.

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On this week's podcast, we're discussing accounting. Katrina and Kobi from TAB are joined by Asif Ahmed from Acclivity Advisors to help answer your top five most asked questions.

1. What is accounting?

2. What are the basics of accounting?

3. What are the steps to becoming an accountant?

4. When would I need an accountant?

5. What information do I need to provide to an accountant?

Asif Ahmed, Founder and Managing Director of Acclivity Advisors, focuses his work on the entrepreneurial ecosystem. He has always made it a priority to build long-lasting relationships and help founders work out where they're at, where they want to be and how he can get them there.

Acclivity Advisors ( is a boutique advisory firm specialising in providing accountancy, taxation and consultancy services to entrepreneurs and high growth, early stage businesses both nationally and internationally.

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Podcasts - #TABU Podcast - Season 1, Episode 7: Accounting is available for streaming now.

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