How to verify your identity

How to - How to verify your identity

We use third party provide SmartSearch for our customer identity checks. To complete the verification, you will need:

  1. a smartphone with a working camera
  2. photo ID - passport, driving licence or residency permit. Your chosen document must include your photograph and not have expired.

Follow the verification steps below. If you have any questions or problems onboarding, please get in touch with our investor relations team here

1. You will be asked to provide:

  1. your full name as it appears on official documents.
  2. date of birth
  3. current residential address


How to - How to verify your identity

2. SmartSearch will send you an SMS text message with a link prompting you to submit images of your photo ID and selfie for facial recognition.

3. Simply click the link in the text message. This will load a page in your phone’s web browser with instructions for taking a picture of your photo ID.

How to - How to verify your identity
How to - How to verify your identity

4. When you are ready select Take Photo - this will switch on your camera.

5. The technology works best when your document is placed on a well-lit, flat, dark-coloured surface away from direct light which can cause glare. We recommend that you take the photo from directly above the document and not at an angle. Do not obstruct or hold the edges of the documents with your fingers. 

Please ensure that the photo is: 

  • clear 
  • has no glare or reflections
  • all the edges of the document are included

6. Ensure you are happy with the image quality before proceeding - if so, select Use Photo, if not select Re-take.

7. Confirm you are happy the image is clear - if so, select Yes, Continue if not, No, Re-take and repeat the image capture.

How to - How to verify your identity

8. Next, you will be taken to a page providing instructions for taking a selfie to verify your identity. When you are ready, click Take Photo.

Please ensure you:

  • take a live, contemporaneous photo of yourself
  • use your front camera
  • look directly at the camera with your whole face visible
  • remove glasses or hats
  • Take against a plain background i.e. wall or door.

9. When you are ready, take a selfie image. As with the document image capture you can also view your selfie and retake if necessary.

10. Confirm you are happy the selfie image is clear. Once you are satisfied, select Yes, continue. If you think the image could be clearer, simply select No Re-take and repeat the image capture. 

How to - How to verify your identity
  • 11. Once you have taken your selfie, you can proceed with your application.

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