How to navigate your new dashboard

We also have made updates to the front end, including our public-facing website and the investor dashboard. After much planning and development, we're excited to announce the launch of our new and improved investor dashboard. 

When you log in to your account, you should notice that the dashboard has been designed to be clear and straightforward, so that you can better understand your investments. With helpful tooltips that can be hovered over for descriptions, we hope you find the new dashboard intuitive and user-friendly.

How to - How to navigate your new dashboard

What’s included in the update? 

Some of the new features include the display of the following:

  1. Portfolio value: this is the total value of your active TAB Lending and TAB Property investments, as at today. This does not include committed funds but will include loans that are now active since your last statement.

  2. [Month] total investment: this is the total amount of your TAB Lending investments as at the end of last month. This figure is also shown on your monthly investment statement. 

  3. [Month] interest payment: this is the total interest received for your TAB Lending investments last month. This figure is also shown on your monthly investment statement. 

  4. [Month] ROI: this is the total interest received for your TAB Lending investments last month. This allows you to visualise any interest earned from that month’s active investments as a percentage.

  5. Annualised ROI: is the total interest received to date for your TAB Lending investments. Investors can view their returns on an annualised basis. The calculation is the annualised weighted average of monthly interest payments.

  6. Committed funds: Total TAB Lending investments you have committed with TAB but have not yet completed. This is where you have told us you have committed to invest in a loan, but TAB has not yet called in funds and the loan is not yet active. 

  7. We have also made changes to the way you view your loans. They are now presented in a list format, which can be sorted by any column.

    One thing to note is that the (7a.) ‘Interest rate pa’ column displays the interest rate of each loan as per the terms agreed. If a loan's interest rate changes mid-way through its term due to Bank of England base rate adjustments, this column is where the figure will be updated. As a result, your (7b.) annualised ROI and interest rate pa may differ. 

  8. Click the 'View' button relating to the loan you wish to view to access the TAB Lending investment details page, which contains all the information related to your loan, including email communications with TAB. You can view email communications relating to this loan by clicking the 'Communications' button on the investment details page.

  9. We've also added a feature that separates redeemed loans from active investments. To view only your active investments, click on the 'Active' tab. To view redeemed loans, click on the 'Redeemed' tab.

  10. In case you need to search for specific information, you can use the search box. This allows you to look for any term, figure, name, or rate. 

  11. Under the 'Documents' tab, you can access interest statements and legal documents. Your interest statements are available monthly, and if you want to generate a custom statement for a specific date range, you can do so by selecting your preferred dates and clicking either the (11.a) Excel or PDF button next to the dates. If you have commission statements you will also be able to view them within your documents.

  12. The 'Transactions' tab displays a comprehensive list of all transactions associated with your account. This includes interest payments, commitments made, redemptions and capital reductions. Similar to a bank account statement, all transaction information can be viewed here.


How to - How to navigate your new dashboard

We have also prepared FAQs and updated our glossary of terms.

We hope that the how to video and this blog provides you with a bit of clarity on the changes and that your new account is presented in a clearer, easier to understand way. If you have any questions or feedback relating to the investor dashboard then please direct them to Karen Delaney: 

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