How much would historic British properties cost to buy today?

Blog - How much would historic British properties cost to buy today?

England is blessed with some incredible architecture. Throughout history, those of the upper classes have employed the finest engineers to create astounding castles, palaces, estates, and manors. While dwellings had been created beforehand, it was the Normans who first turned their hand to large scale buildings following the Battle of Hastings in 1066 and built Berkhamsted Castle, the oldest castle in England. Due to its age and historical significance, you cannot put a price tag on Berkhamsted Castle. However, below we have managed to value some other examples of iconic British architecture in case you fancied living like a royal.

Windsor Castle

Undoubtedly one of the most famous structures ever built, Windsor Castle is the oldest occupied castle in the world. Part of the Royal Palaces Estate, the castle has been home to over 41 monarchs over the years. The Queen is said to covet Windsor Castle and spends a month there every Easter.

The building of Windsor Castle began in 1070 after William the Conqueror chose the elevated River Thames location. It took 16 years to complete the initial structure, and over time, it has been expanded with Victorian, Georgian and Gothic architecture.

Although Windsor Castle will never be spotted for sale in a local estate agent’s window, it would set you back £180 million according to valuations conducted by experts.

Blenheim Palace

Typically, you associate palaces with royalty. However, Blenheim Palace is the only estate in England to be given the title despite having no religious or imperial ties. Blenheim is currently the family home of the Duke of Marlborough but is open to the public for visits.

The sprawling palace estate is located in Oxfordshire. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to it being of historical significance and representing a fine example of English architecture.

John Churchill, the first Duke of Marlborough, instigated the building of Blenheim Palace in 1705. The baroque palace was a gift from Queen Anne to reward the Duke’s efforts in the Ward of the Spanish Succession. Whilst the palace itself is a jewel in the Oxfordshire countryside, the parklands and gardens are equally as stunning. No surprise that they were designed by Capability Brown, England’s greatest gardener.

If you wanted to purchase Blenheim Palace today, you’d need another £180million, the same as Windsor Castle. 

Clarence House

If city living is more your cup of tea, then Clarence House could be the great English property you’re after. The royal residence located on The Mall in Westminster, London, is currently home to Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall.

It was built in 1827 with the sole purpose of providing a home for members of the royal family. It has remained this way throughout history, with The Queen Mother residing there until her passing in 2002, with Prince William and Prince Harry following on.

The beautiful four-storey home, which is part of St James’s Palace, had to be significantly reconstructed following the Second World War. Sadly, very little of the original structure remains but the property is still Grade I listed.

Clarence House is open to the public for a month every summer. However, if you’d like to live like royalty, you’d need to stump up around £55 million.

Buckingham Palace

How could we not touch upon iconic British properties without mentioning Buckingham Palace? The London residence and administrative headquarters of the British monarchy, the palace is currently home to Queen Elizabeth II and is a symbol of all things royal.

Buckingham Palace is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world. Building began in 1706 by the Duke of Buckingham with £7,000. The palace exchanged hands in 1761, with George III snapping Buckingham Palace up for £21,000.

Over time various remodelling was done to the palace. However, it was Queen Victoria who made the grandest change. She thought Buckingham Palace was a little on the small side. So, after selling Brighton Pavilion, she used £53 million to extend the palace by adding what is known today as the East Wing.

If the Crown sold Buckingham Palace on the market the estimated value is £3.84 billion.

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