Happy World Earth Day!

Blog - Happy World Earth Day!

This year’s World Earth Day theme is to invest in our planet, but what does this actually mean?

Investing in our planet is to make a conscious effort towards being more environmentally friendly for the future health of the planet. Making eco-friendly changes does not have to be drastic and the smallest efforts can go a long way. Whether it’s riding a bike to work, recycling or even having a meat free day we can all make small efforts that can have a positive impact toward the bigger picture. 

At TAB we understand our responsibility toward the environment and sustainability. As such, we’ve taken our time to be thorough in preparing our ESG policy to ensure we have a code that truly reflects our values in doing our part to help the planet on all levels. 

Although we’ve only recently moved into our new office, and there’s much more to be done, we’ve already taken some steps towards implementing sustainable changes: 

Plastic free environment

We’ve installed water coolers in the office and provided all staff with reusable water bottles to remove all plastic bottles and cups from the office. 

Reduction in fossil fuel usage

The Grain Yard has introduced a selection of free to use bikes at our office site to promote healthy living. Office staff are encouraged to use the bikes as alternatives to driving to the local town and to get out and about in the countryside during their lunch breaks.

TAB has implemented the cycle to work scheme. While we recognise that not all staff are able to cycle to work, those that can are able to benefit from the scheme. TAB purchases the bike on behalf of the employee and through salary sacrifice, the employee can pay monthly contributions for the bike and save by not paying tax or National Insurance. 

We also provide accessibility for electric cars by providing electric car charging facilities in the office car park. 

Flexible working is also an option for all employees. Any efforts made to reduce fossil fuel usage are a step in the right direction. 

Internal lunches 

We realised that daily office food deliveries were contributing to more pollution and wastage. We’ve now introduced internal lunches through a TAB chef who prepares a canteen service for all staff to help encourage fewer food deliveries and promote healthy eating. Salads and vegetarian options are served everyday as meat free alternatives. 

Recycling and paper wastage

Staff laptops can convert to tablets which have note taking applications installed however, recycled notepads are provided should staff prefer written notes. TAB has installed recycling bins in all office spaces to promote recycling. Although we primarily use digital, we want to reduce our paper wastage wherever possible. 

While these may seem like small changes they make an overall big contribution to creating a culture where sustainability is at the forefront of our minds for any action we take. 

World Earth Day provides an opportunity to assess what we’ve already done to help the planet whilst also understanding that ESG is an ongoing process. We’re continuously having internal meetings to exchange ideas and finding innovative methods so TAB can help improve our sustainability everyday. We hope to launch our ESG policy soon and we will be able to provide full details on our actions to be more sustainable and socially conscious.  


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