ORT UK Business Breakfast 2022 - Business Disrupted

In March 2022, TAB’s CEO and founder, Duncan Kreeger was on the panel of the ORT UK Business Breakfast 2022 - Business Disrupted. Alongside other business innovators Anne-Charlotte Mornington from Olio, Alex Stephany from Beam, and moderator Candice Kreiger, Duncan discussed how TAB is disrupting the property and alternative investment industry.

A week from Duncan’s appearance on the ORT Business Breakfast panel, TAB was featured in the ORT UK Business Magazine, where Duncan discussed how TAB's innovative business model is improving the property investment market and creating new digital platforms for borrowers and investors to streamline the financing process. Duncan also discussed how TAB plans to use its digital platforms and technology to make retail estate investing more accessible. 

Full article below:

How has TAB’s innovative business model disrupted the market?

Historically, your bank was the only place you could borrow money and although non-bank lenders were around before 2008, it was as a result of the housing crash and the resulting regulatory shift that saw traditional banks withdraw and challenger lenders emerge.

Founded in 2018 by Duncan Kreeger, whose previous business was also specialist lending, TAB was an opportunity to repeat successes but with a focus on trust, transparency and innovation. 

TAB does three things; manages money through exclusive equity and debt investments, lends and supports borrowers with bridge and development finance and it offers fractional property ownership, allowing investors to own a portion of property from as little as £1,000. 

Bridging is not new, but TAB is enhancing the offering through technology which is pulling the sector into the 21st century. TAB’s in-house tech team develops new tech and combines it with the best bits of property technology into our proprietary platform. Being flexible and having the ability to adapt quickly means there are constantly new improvements released and efficiencies are always being made to the platform and the way TAB conducts business. Soon all stakeholders will be able to get real time information about investments and loans, to track, manage, report and make new enquiries all in one place:

That being said, the truly disruptive innovation is fractional property investment. TAB’s aim is to open up real estate investment to the masses, bringing access and liquidity to a traditionally inaccessible asset class. Fractional property enables investors to enjoy the benefits of owning property without the need for large deposits. 

Fractional ownership is revolutionising the sector. TAB had to create robust legal documentation and devise an ownership structure that doesn’t cause regulatory issues. This was a time-consuming, expensive, and complicated task, many might have given up. But Duncan believes real estate investment should be a level playing field so was incredibly motivated to follow through. 

To meet the challenge, TAB needed to think outside the box. Alongside an experienced legal team, TAB had to research and test modern approaches to the way property is owned. TAB developed several different scenarios in which they could test against the regulatory landscape and, ultimately, they were able to develop a structure that fits within the constraints.

TAB can now enable people from all walks of life with different risk appetites to invest in both owning property and lending. Owing to the low barrier to entry, people can become property investors with a diverse portfolio, secured across multiple properties. Giving people access to the real estate market and opening up the opportunity to everyone and not just those with a large lump sum is the new way forward.

As with all investments, your capital is at risk and interest payments are not guaranteed. Any property used as security is at risk of repossession if you do not keep up with your payments. If you are unsure of the risks, you are advised to obtain appropriate professional advice. 

You can find more details about ORT and the full magazine here:

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