How to invest in real estate with little to no money!

It's about time we used technology to change the way we buy and sell a property for the better. I don't agree that A grade property assets and tenants should be reserved for the large funds and high net worth investors. We think these assets should be available for everyone and we are not going to stop until it becomes reality.

We have begun to address the problem with real estate investment, the walls that are put up that block people from accessing stable commercial and residential property returns. Secondary or tertiary income that can support futures. People need homes, coffee shops need premises, restaurants need places to seat real people, this will never change. Why should you only be able to invest in shares of a company and not the building it has a 25-year lease against paying up to 15% of the value each year?

Follow our journey to changing the way you can save for your future. This isn't a get rich quick, this won't change your life overnight, but it will give you the opportunity to own shares in multiple properties earning you rental returns from day one, without having to find a tenant, go to a viewing or many viewings, deal with a lawyer or any of the things that may put you off investing in real estate in the first place, not to mention the financial barriers.

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