Simon Roderick interviews Duncan Kreeger - Sept 22

Duncan Kreeger of TAB sat with Simon Roderick, managing director of Fram Search to record the next episode of Simon's "Interviews with Industry Leaders". 

Duncan and Simon discussed TAB and the businesses plan moving forward, including developing new products with a particular focus on sustainability and how TAB leverages existing technology that is available to support its investors, borrowers and brokers. 

During the interview, they discussed Duncan's first business where he gave his advice on starting a new business:

“A lot of people don't get to the start line, they put themselves off before they get there. Lose the fear of failure and accept that if it goes wrong, nothing happens but you will have learnt not what to do next time. Try obtain real feedback even if it's from a small cohort. Listen, learn, and adapt. Seek advice and guidance from people who care and understand what you’re trying to achieve.” Duncan Kreeger

Duncan also described himself as a salesman at heart, and how he's always leveraging skills and surrounding himself with good people. Positive people who believe in the direction of travel can promote motivation. 

They went into a further discussion about the future of the market, what trends Duncan is seeing as well as the impact external factors will have on the market including rising interest rates, inflation and the cost of living crisis. 

You can listen to the full interview with Simon from Fram Search in the video above. For other videos and podcasts from TAB University follow the link below! 

Who are Fram: 

Fram was established in 2010 and is named after the Norwegian polar research ship. They are financial services recruitment consultants and talent specialists, who have long standing client and candidate relationships. Fram aims to help firms build robust and agile teams, who are able to navigate the challenges of the fast-moving financial services sector.

They work across the UK and internationally, offering clients access to our deep industry networks and our consultative services.

You can read more about Fram Search and what they do and listen to other interviews here:

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