TAB launches refurbishment loans to meet market demand!

News - TAB launches refurbishment loans to meet market demand!

TAB is delighted to announce the launch of its TAB Refurbishment loan. TAB Refurbishment is an advanced bridging finance solution that allows borrowers to access the capital they need for their refurbishment projects quickly and without the cost of a full development loan. TAB understands the importance of providing the best service possible to clients and as such we are always looking to enhance our offering and develop solutions. This short term finance loan has been curated as a result of listening and responding to the market demand and it has been designed with the client in mind. 

TAB lends directly to borrowers or through the introduction of intermediaries and for refurbishment projects with a day one LTV of up to 70% and an LTGDV of up to 65%. TAB Refurbishment loans start from £100,000 and go up to £1m for a maximum of 18 months. There are no exit fees and we do not lend against your principal residence. Our experience means we can be flexible and consider projects that more traditional lenders would not. TAB prides itself on trust and transparency.

Duncan Kreeger, Founder and CEO: “We are listening to what our clients are saying and responding accordingly. We believe that being flexible and innovative is the best way to do business. This shows that there is a middle ground and TAB is delighted to be filling the gap that we believe exists. Our products are designed to work in collaboration with our clients. We have curated a product that can be tailored to suit many different borrowers.”

Eli Korman, Head of Development Finance and Chief Investment Officer: “Not all developments need to fall into the bracket of a development facility and as we grow our development loan book at TAB, we have become more aware that an advanced bridging facility rather than a full development loan will suit our borrower's needs. This product will suit those developers looking for a swift process where they have the ability to borrow the funds they need through the drawdown process with the affordability of a bridging loan.” 

Key features:

  1. TAB interest rates from just 0.75% pm
  2. Light and heavy refurbishment
  3. No exit fees
  4. Day one LTV of up to 70%
  5. LTGDV of up to 65% 
  6. Maximum facility £1m 
  7. Minimum £25k drawdown
  8. Maximum £250k total drawdown
  9. Terms from 1-18 months
  10. Efficient and flexible service
  11. 25 years of lending experience
  12. Prompt terms, simple application and quick turnaround

About TAB

TAB helps facilitate the property market by providing unregulated bridging loans and development finance to borrowers who need access to short term capital, quickly, and also enabling investors to access the UK property market by funding bridging loans or through fractional property investments.  Since inception, TAB has originated over £74m of bridging loan investments and has a growing list of private investors who have earned £3m in interest.  All of investors’ capital and interest has been returned upon redemption.  TAB’s foundations are built on the key values of trust and transparency, and we are committed to providing customers with a personalised and efficient experience.  Decades of property market knowledge, our in-house legal team, quality underwriters and high-level salespeople who make up the TAB team reinforces our expertise within the industry.

TAB is not authorised or regulated by the FCA. Our unregulated loans are secured against UK property. Each loan is subject to status. Any property used as security is at risk of repossession if the borrower does not keep up with payments.



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