A day in the life of… Yohann Ifrah, Lending Administrator

Lending administrator Yohann Ifrah shares insights into his role at TAB, what it’s like working in the sales team and how he assists the team in finding new opportunities.   

Yohann is up for 7.00 am, once he’s got ready for the day he aims to get to the office early for 8.45 am. His morning is spent focusing on any outstanding tasks that he may have from the previous day, and clearing his inbox checking for any important emails. Once he’s happy he has dealt with the most urgent jobs, he’ll then start checking through his daily tasks. 

As a lending administrator, Yohann helps the sales team identify new business channels and opportunities for growth. He’s focused on creating terms and assists with loan applications for each case he’s working on. Picking up lunch from the TAB kitchen, Yohann then spends his afternoon arranging appointments for the business development managers and providing support for sales pitches. 

Once he’s finished all his daily tasks and is back at home, Yohann enjoys listening to music or spending his evenings at the gym. He aims to be in bed at 11.00 pm. 

How long have you worked at TAB?

I started working for TAB at the end of January 2022. Before TAB, I was at West Herts College studying mechanical engineering. I decided I wanted to gain practical experience and learn new skills working in the fast paced environment of property investment and property finance so I joined TAB. 

 What does your role at TAB involve?

My role entails providing value and assisting the sales team in business growth with a particular focus on helping the sales team to identify new business channels. I am currently arranging appointments for the business development manager’s and will start attending meetings alongside senior members of the sales team in the coming months - something I'm hugely excited about. In addition to this, I will be learning all aspects of the business, and the whole process of a loan, from applications to completion. 

What’s the best thing about working at TAB?

The best thing about working at TAB is the team we have.  Everyone is incredibly supportive and happy to help me and answer any questions that I have. As someone relatively new to TAB, property investment and the bridging loan industry, it makes my life a lot easier when I feel encouraged to ask questions when I'm curious about different aspects of the business. Every two weeks we have an internal training session where different members of the company present the area of their work. It’s great to learn about different departments and what they’re up to. 

How do you relax outside the office?

Outside of the office, I like to relax by watching movies or a new tv series on Netflix. I also enjoy a good gym workout and have recently started meditation. Meditation helps me to relax my body and mind and is something I find very calming. I also love listening to music and a good podcast. A podcast can be very thought provoking and a good way of challenging your thinking. 

 What does the future hold for TAB?

The future for TAB is hugely exciting. When you see the level we’ve already reached within the first four years of operating it's incredible to think how big we could get in four more years. In my own development, I’m constantly learning new things and aspects of the business. I have ambitions to one day move to a more senior role in the sales department in the future. 


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