A day in the life of… Jordan Manners, Lending Administrator

Team - A day in the life of… Jordan Manners, Lending Administrator

Lending administrator, Jordan Manners describes the key elements of his role and how he supports the sales and underwriting team to ensure their cases progress swiftly. 

Waking up around 7:30am, the first thing Jordan does is help his children get ready for school. Based nearby Danny Scoltock in East Anglia, Jordan also works remotely, but when they venture into the city, they take turns in driving. 

Once his children have headed off, Jordan takes a look at his emails and makes sure nothing important has been missed that’s come in from the day before. He is then planning his main tasks for the day and looking at the pipeline for any tasks that he can action for the team. 

His role as a lending administrator is to provide essential support to the sales and underwriting team and loan application process. He is responsible for providing daily operational support as well as writing and distributing term sheets to borrowers, instructing valuations and ensuring information relating to borrowers and their loans is up to date and accurately recorded on TAB systems.

After work, Jordan has dinner with his family. Then the mad routine of getting the children ready for bed includes homework, bathtime and bedtime stories. He then settles down to watch TV with his partner or play some video games on his PC going to bed around midnight.

How long have you worked at TAB?

I have been working at TAB since November 2021. Before joining TAB, I was general manager of a mobile phone retail outlet where I managed a team of five staff and where my role included putting together action plans for each month to ensure we hit our KPI’s and attending monthly manager meetings to discuss performance and upcoming changes to the business. 

What does your role at TAB involve?

I work mainly in the underwriting department, but I often jump to different departments to assist with certain tasks. My main role is administrative and I assist the team by getting quotes from valuers and legals and then sending the instructions to them. I prepare all of our new cases ready to be underwritten. I also assist the sales team by putting together a set of terms for our brokers and borrowers. My role is very reactive and I often have an inbox of tasks to attend to, but sometimes it can be empty. When I have any downtime I will work on Feefo. Feefo is a customer service score for the company. I will send out review requests to everyone we work within the business. This can be anyone from brokers, borrowers and investors. We have a gold status on Feefo which we’re hoping to maintain. 

What’s the best thing about working at TAB?

The best thing is that everyone gets along so well. It's like a small family. Which is growing! It’s nice to be able to speak with everyone in each department and they will always make time for you, even when I am working remotely. 

How do you relax outside the office?

I am still a big kid really. I really love to game on my custom built PC. Which has been pretty handy over the past 18 months. I play with my friends who I can’t see outside the house. Before lockdown, I took part in a Warhammer club which I helped run. Warhammer is a tabletop board game with models and dice. The models would require assembly and painting before playing. The painting part was always very relaxing. But battling a friend could go anyway! At the same time, I am a family man. So sometimes there's nothing better than going for a walk with the family or sitting down to a classic Disney film.

What does the future hold for TAB?

The future for TAB is very exciting. Since I have been working here we have doubled the team. It's growing very fast and I don’t think it’ll slow down. We are receiving great feedback from customers and our Feefo reflects this. We are moving brand new offices to accommodate the ever growing workforce. And I think TAB are well positioned to do very well in this industry, it shows as we have continuously broken through our business goals this year. And the big lending firms will have another competitor to watch out for!

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