A day in the life of… Nick Russell, Sales Director

Nick Russell shares details of what it’s like to be the sales director of TAB, how he works with his team to meet their targets and how he strives to provide a consistently excellent service to his brokers.

Awoken by his children at 6.30 am, Nick is straight into an optional… ice cold shower. Once helping his children with the morning routine and the school drop off he is then hopping on the train to get to the office. When he gets to the office, much like others in the business, no day is the same. As sales director, his role includes generating new business and originating loans. He’s building and maintaining relationships with brokers, borrowers, valuers and solicitors. More recently he’s been heavily involved with onboarding new investors and talking to others regarding the latest loan investments. 

When he has the chance to stop for lunch, he’s either ordered from a local deli or bought in something delicious. His afternoon will consist of managing the BDM’s and ensuring they are hitting their weekly targets, sitting down with the team to discuss the latest deal and finding solutions, meeting brokers for external meetings and supporting other teams with input into strategy and future planning. 

When he’s got home he’s catching up with his family on what they have done with their days, then heading to the gym for some exercise or watching the latest sports on TV. He’s in bed before midnight ready for the challenges the next day will bring.

How long have you worked at TAB?

I joined TAB in October 2019 at the time we were in our infancy. It has been extremely rewarding to play a part in TAB’s growth and help facilitate its development to get it where it is today. Previously I was head of real estate finance at Lambert Smith Hampton where my greatest achievement was taking that department from start up to pro-rata the most profitable department in the company.

What does your role at TAB involve?

As sales director, my primary function is to head up origination and manage the sales team. I also have a major hand in bringing on and managing new investors. My day to day role consists of attending external meetings with brokers, internal meetings with the sales team and the wider business to make sure we function in cohesion with other departments. As sales director, I also have the responsibility to agree on deals as a decision maker for the wider sales team, this ensures that there is always someone available to answer questions and make important decisions. My phone is almost permanently glued to my head, and my daily step count is well over 15,000.  

What’s the best thing about working at TAB?

The best thing about working at TAB is our insatiable appetite to grow as a business. We never standstill. I love that almost every day is different and you need to be able to work at speed whilst making crucial decisions. You are given a lot of latitude in your role and the company welcomes everyone’s opinion that could help the business improve. There is a common goal to make TAB the best in class and a great place to work.

How do you relax outside the office?

I am a complete sports nut and to relax I love watching everything from football to boxing, UFC to NFL, college football to rugby. I enjoy running from time to time and listening to a good podcast. But my greatest pleasure is watching my kids grow up and in particular watching my son play football.

What does the future hold for TAB?

The future is extremely bright for TAB. We are on a massive growth trajectory. My role has evolved so much in three years and I cannot wait for the next three years and beyond. I see us bringing more and more products to the market that borrowers need. We have always been adaptable and we’re constantly asking for feedback to ensure what we offer is relevant and tailored to exactly what people need. We’re consistently providing great service to our broker partners and we will also continue to bring great value to our investors as capital preservation is always at the forefront of our lending decisions.

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