A day in the life of… Hannah Findlater, Assistant Group Accountant

Hannah Findlater gives an insight into her daily routine as TAB’s assistant group accountant and the degree Hannah is studying for in her free time.

Hannah is usually up anywhere between 6.30am to 7.00am, the first thing she does is her   morning stretches before getting ready for work. 

Once she's reached the office her morning routine doesn’t start until she’s made  a fresh cup of coffee. First on her list is to review the TAB bank accounts to ensure funding has been received and check for any financial movements across TABs accounts and updating TAB cash books. 

Working in the finance department at TAB means that depending on the time of the month, Hannah’s tasks can vary. She could be producing monthly interest and commission statements or preparing property statements and payments. 

After grabbing lunch from the TAB kitchen, she spends her afternoon managing the loan portfolio and ensuring all is in order across TAB’s finances. This could include ensuring all accounts are reconciled, producing monthly financial statements and reconciling the balance sheet. 

When she’s back at home Hannah is focused on studying towards a health science degree, spending time with her partner, family and friends or keeping with the numbers, you can find her completing a sudoku. She aims to be in bed for 11.00 pm. 

How long have you worked at TAB?

I have been working at TAB since September 2021. Prior to this,I was a finance analyst working for a large logistics company, specifically on the start up phase of a customer fulfilment centre for a well known grocery home delivery service. 

What does your role at TAB involve?

My role varies day to day depending on where we are in the month and all leads up to ensuring we are able to close and report the accounts at month end. There’s a variety of different tasks in my role and it’s dependent on what loans have completed or redeemed. The finance team is also undertaking other projects alongside the daily tasks to streamline and improve our processes, reporting and analysis. We are working closely with the tech team to enhance our admin platform and how we can use technology to our advantage, so far this has proven to be a massive help! 

What’s the best thing about working at TAB?

Definitely being part of a team where every person is committed and strives towards the same end goals. It’s also great to see how the work you do plays a part in a much bigger picture (e.g. when a loan completes) and seeing how everyone else’s role contributes to that journey too - which isn’t always the case when you’re working in finance as it can be more ‘back office’. Another thing I love is how much I’m learning from everyone. The team is full of people who are so knowledgeable about their field and are always willing to share that knowledge and answer any questions. The TAB internal training has been a great platform for that!

How do you relax outside the office?

I love the outdoors so that's normally where you’ll catch me during my spare time, hiking, exploring new areas or out mountain biking. I also enjoy catching up with friends over dinner / a drink or playing board games. But I also love a quiet night in watching a series or listening to a podcast to relax, my current favourites are Hidden Brain and the TABU podcast of course!

What does the future hold for TAB?

As TAB is expanding so rapidly, one of the main focuses in the role is ensuring our process and practices are up to scratch to keep up with the growth whilst still maintaining a high standard of reporting. It’s exciting to see how the platform is developing and how it is having a direct effect on how our finance functions are taking shape. At the moment we’re working on getting all processes established and creating a finance manual, which can sometimes prove tricky when the company is constantly evolving!


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