TAB launches new one stop shop lending solution

News - TAB launches new one stop shop lending solution

Press release: 

  • TAB has launched its new life cycle lending product, TAB Series offering customers long-term lending solutions to fit every stage of a property’s lifecycle 
  • The company is transitioning to using open market values (OMV) to benefit both borrowers and brokers 

TAB, the real estate finance and investment house, has launched its new life cycle product, TAB Series, designed for borrowers that require funding throughout the entire lifecycle of a property. 

The comprehensive lending package offers customers an initial bridging loan for asset purchase, a refurbishment loan if required, and later, a long-term commercial mortgage. 

TAB, who recently completed its private securitisation facility with NatWest and Atalaya Capital Management for £300 million, is also transitioning to OMV for residential bridging loans for up to £2.5 million. It previously used 180 day valuations, and the change will increase TAB’s ability to serve the market. This will be coupled with reduced rates across its residential bridging finance product range, providing even more value and savings for brokers and their clients. 

TAB Series offers loans of up to £7.5 million, providing borrowers with the opportunity to work with a single lender and benefit from savings of 2.75% on fees, and reduced costs on legal expenses and valuations.

CEO and founder Duncan Kreeger, said: “I am happy to introduce TAB Series to the market, our latest innovation designed to meet the needs of borrowers grappling with a changing interest rate environment. Meticulously crafted by our team, this tailored solution addresses a significant gap in the market, promising seamless support for borrowers at every stage of their property journey. Prioritising their needs from acquisition to management to disposal coupled with the other changes we have announced today, empowers borrowers to capitalise on opportunities that may not have otherwise been affordable.” 

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Notes to editors  

TAB is a whole life cycle, real estate finance and investment platform, established in 2018 to cater to property projects that were not aligned with the stringent criteria of traditional lenders. Recognising the need for a lender well-versed in bridging loans and experienced in efficient risk management, TAB designed a lending model that embraces flexibility and considers borrowers' unique requirements. With a dedicated and experienced team comprising seasoned professionals, including in-house legal experts, quality underwriters, and skilled salespeople, TAB has successfully written over £450m in loans within four years and is set to have a loan book of over £700m in 2025.  

TAB has now expanded. and its extensive lending experience, diverse funding sources, and nationwide reach enables it to offer competitive finance solutions as well as a growing range of other investment opportunities. TAB prioritises trust, transparency, personalisation, efficiency, and innovation to deliver outstanding service to clients.  


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