TAB joins Knowledge Banks criteria sourcing system

News - TAB joins Knowledge Banks criteria sourcing system

Knowledge Bank has today announced that specialist lender TAB has joined the UK’s biggest criteria sourcing system.

Knowledge Bank users can now source TAB criteria to check client suitability when trying to place cases. The versatile lender offers product options for a wide range of borrowers for both first and second charge loans for various property types in the residential and commercial sectors.

TAB is known for their creative and flexible criteria which helps borrowers who are thwarted by the constraints of traditional lenders’ more rigid funding criteria. They have designed an innovative and flexible lending model which allows them to offer tailored products for the wider specialist market.

During 2022 Knowledge Bank added 16 new lenders to their sourcing system which now enables brokers to source criteria from over 280 lenders across 7 different lending sectors. The criteria platform has continued to adapt and expand their offering to support brokers placing cases during the cost of living crisis and ever-changing financial landscape to reduce failed applications. By ensuring that a borrower fits a lender’s criteria prior to a product search, the speed and success of applications is increased and creates a better client outcome.

The criteria platform continues to adapt and expand their offering in a bid to add as much value as possible to its subscribers. The new collaboration is one Knowledge Bank is very excited about, with a shared value to educate as well as support.

What a brilliant time to be adding a new lender to our panel. Our brokers need the very best innovation from lenders in this ever challenging space. TAB provides a fantastic offering and uses great tech to do so, allowing brokers to provide the best solutions for their clients. TAB are sure to play a big role for many brokers in 2023, we are glad to have them on board and look forward to the education they will provide in partnership with Knowledge Bank.Shane Chawatama, Knowledge Bank’s Sales Director
Being part of the Knowledge Bank system is a brilliant opportunity for TAB to extend our reach to the brokers that may not have had contact with us before or even heard of us. “Brokers will be able to immediately see where TAB fits into their search criteria and know if we can help them with their client's needs. This enables our sales team to make new connections and work together with them on future cases.Duncan Kreeger, CEO

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