Welcome to the Grain Yard - TAB event February 2022

TAB hosted a specialist finance industry event to mark the opening of our new headquarters in Borehamwood. Brokers, solicitors, borrowers and staff made up the 70 people in attendance. 

Throughout the evening we invited guests for a short interview and polled brokers on three things:

  1. What’s hotter, development finance or bridging finance? 
  2. Is the race for space over? 
  3. Should there be a short term qualification for the unregulated aspect of the market?

Other questions asked included what makes a good lender, what’s the quickest deal you’ve ever completed, what product is most needed as well, what can the bridging market do better, as well as what are the best features of the bridging industry and what three words best describe TAB. 

Watch the video to see the highlights and results of the polls will be coming out soon. 

Sam Morris, Business Development Manager, TAB said: 

“It was a pleasure to have so many of TAB's brokers, partners and business associates join us for our opening celebration at our new home. 

We really wanted this new office to be a place where both the TAB team and those we do business with can come and work collaboratively and the introduction of our broker hot desk is a great example of this. 

The event was a great success and it was valuable to catch up with everyone and discuss deals, rates, upcoming projects and everything else in between. We look forward to having everyone back again soon!"

Nick Russell, Sales Director, TAB commented on the event: 

“It was great to host our clients at our new headquarters. The space is brilliant and we’re pleased we can invite people to enjoy it with us. The event was a thank you to our brokers and borrowers and everyone who has supported and backed TAB over the past year. 

Having recently secured a funding line with New York debt fund Atalaya, and having tripled our loan book is a testament to policies, products, people, and the collective drive of everyone in the business to find solutions. In a saturated market, full of several bridging lenders all trying to break the mold, to have stood out from the crowd makes me and the team, incredibly proud of the job we’ve done. 

Our key values, trust and transparency, are ones we try and live and breathe by. I believe that as a result it has enabled our partners to get to know us on a deeper and more personal level and enables us to host events like this. Also having the wider team at the event allowed brokers, solicitors and the TAB team to put names to faces and improve client  relationships.”

TAB would to thank everyone who attended the evening and a special thanks to those who contributed to the video. We can’t wait for the next one.

Contributions to the video: 

  1. Nick Russell, TAB
  2. Peter Steele, Goldberg Steele
  3. Beth Fisher, Bridging and Commercial
  4. Lee Josephs, ISJ Investments
  5. Ashley Reading, Capital Funding Partners
  6.  Andrew Montlake, Coreco
  7. Luke O'Sullivan, The Loans Engine
  8. Magnus Duke Dadzie, The Finance Company

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