Stay safe online - blog seven - how TAB keeps your data safe

Blog - Stay safe online - blog seven - how TAB keeps your data safe

Protecting yourself when you go online is a necessity. With a world of information accessible at your fingertips, it is easy to get caught up in the ease of accessibility and on-demand information available. However, you don’t want your personal details to be easily accessible to everyone else. Our ‘stay safe online’ blog series will share tips that you can utilise going forward to protect yourself when interacting with the online world. 

Today’s blog will cover:

What does TAB do to help you and your information stay safe?

TAB has a clear privacy policy that details how we look after your personal data, and explains your privacy rights and how the law protects you. We use specific tools to keep your information secure, as well as those that verify identity and audits activity on the platforms to track user activity. We will also keep you informed about the communications you can expect from us, so you will be able to spot if something is out of place.

TAB uses 2FA (two factor authentication) both on a system level and internal user level for staff, as well as using the highest standard of protection that we can to keep your data secure. This platform has an added element of security and robustness as all links, documents and sessions timeout after a certain amount of time, meaning that information can not be shared where it shouldn’t be, even by mistake.

Who can see my information?

Your data is further protected on two levels. Firstly, only certain members of TAB can access your information in our database. If it is not necessary for their role then they will be blocked from viewing the page. Secondly, even those that have access can only view the section of the data that is relevant to their role, and they are blocked from accessing any other information or data.

What is open banking, and why has TAB introduced it?

Open banking is a secure way for individuals and companies to make payments and   share their banking details and information with financial providers — as long as they give their permission — for services such as investing and lending, in a bid to help consumers get better deals and encourage competition between lenders.

Using open banking will enhance data privacy and security; make it easier for borrowers to view and make payments, improving transparency; and lower risk in regards to knowing your customer and anti-money laundering checks. You can read more about TAB and open banking in our press release here.


This online blog series is an introduction to online safety and is designed to raise awareness of the challenges of interacting online. This article is for information only and does not constitute advice or a personal recommendation. When it comes to online activity it is important to be cautious and seek appropriate professional advice.

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