2214 - Leyton, London

Case studies - 2214 - Leyton, London

Name of case study: 2214 - Leyton, London
Gross rate: 9.60%
Investor return: 7.20%pa
Term: 9 months
LTV: 59.00%
Loan amount: £3,835,000
Exit strategy: Refinance
Reason for loan: Refinance
Type of property: Commercial
Security: 1st charge

This first charge commercial loan is for an industrial office and warehouse. The property is in great condition, and it is located in Leyton, London which falls within a commercial and residential regeneration scheme.

In line with the masterplan, the borrower has engaged architects to draw up plans for the development of the site and the expectation is that planning will be approved by March 2022. The development has estimated costs of £53m and a GDV of £71m. 

The loan has an LTV of 59% and is for 9 months. The gross interest rate is 9.60% pa returning investors 7.20%pa. Read the full investment details here.


Case studies - 2214 - Leyton, London

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