Working with Gratitude

When TAB partnered with Gratitude, a local Borehamwood charity, we knew it would be a great partnership because they share the same passion and commitment to sustainable social change as we do.

Gratitude receives donations of surplus food and products from little and large suppliers in the Hertfordshire area. They then distribute these items to the local community through their ‘People’s Pantry’, which opens three times a week. You may have seen our posts over August where many of our employees volunteered over 55 hours assisting with the pantry service. 

Our volunteers were there to help set up the service, which meant gathering the donated goods together, either from a delivery or from Gratitude’s chiller, and adding them to the vast amount of food products already available. Fresh fruits and vegetables were grouped together, as well as pre-prepared items such as stir-fry pots, pastas, salads, bao-buns, yoghurts and desserts. All the volunteers were impressed with the quality and quantity of donated food to be handed out and that it was “fresh and healthy”, Imogen Paradise, group accountant. There is also a large section of tinned, jarred and boxed goods available, as well as other long life items such as cereal and pasta.

Visitors to the pantry would line up outside the Gratitude hub, and would wait for their turn to be paired with a volunteer who would go through the donations with them, using a trolley to collect what was needed. 

It was a humbling experience for many, and especially meaningful for those who are part of Borehamwood’s community.

Makes you realise your blessings and how it’s good to share with others and help out in any way possible Umang Singh, Assistant Accountant

Umang's comment is a reflection shared by a lot of TAB’s volunteers. 

Several commented how positive it was that the service was available to everyone with “no questions asked”, Hannah Findlater, assistant group accounting, and in “the best non-judgmental way possible”, Laura Barr, marketing executive.

Being able to help those who needed it and to see “smiles on their faces”, Suzie Andrews, executive assistant, added value to the experience. Katrina Hindley, head of marketing, concluded “Gratitude is a wonderful charity that supports the local community. Everyone was very considered with what they took and also grateful”.

Sheila Carlisle. trustee and Gratitude’s project manager, was impressed by the hard work of our volunteers and has welcomed them all back anytime, adding, “Lovely helpers indeed. Thank you again for helping us with volunteers this month. We all appreciate the support.”

While at our last volunteering pantry for the summer Sheila mentioned that there was high demand for baby wipes, nappies and powdered milk. Gratitude asked, and in conjunction with the team at National Housing Group, we delivered over 100 packets of baby wipes, 30 tubs of powdered milk and 30 jumbo packs of nappies! 

TAB will continue to support Gratitude in the future, including fundraising efforts and providing training and business development to support their growth plans. But there’s always more we can do. 

If you know of anyone who is willing to donate of the items listed below then please get in touch with TAB or Gratitude,

  • Baby wipes
  • Nappies sizes 5, 6 and 7
  • Tins of fruit
  • Rice
  • Pasta sauce
  • Biscuits
  • Long life milk
  • Toilet roll

Alternatively, you can make a monetary donation straight to Gratitude.

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